Start as Power Walking Trainer


Become a Power Walking trainer and start your own Powerwalkingclub!

Powerwalkinglub is expanding everywhere in the world and is instructing future Power Walking instructors.

Powerwalkingclub is the first official organization in the world to offer Power Walking and to train Power Walking trainers. Our goal is to get everyone worldwide power walking and experience the benefits for body and mind.

As an instructor you coach and inspire people towards a healthy lifestyle and you provide an income for yourself. You do not pay any fees and there are no other costs, all the income you or we generate is for you!

Lessons can taken place in an outside area such as a nice park, from the city centre, from your personal training studio or fitness centre. The choice is yours!

Do you find Power Walking interesting? Does teaching sound like a new challenge for you? Are you enterprising? Ambitious? Cannot wait to get started and no time for beginners mistakes? Do you have affinity with sports and you want to help build the biggest trend of this decade?

The Powerwalkingclub work plan and online-educationplan has been developed for you so that you can get started right away.





1. Powerwalkingclub basics 
    *How we work and how we help you succeed
    *Marketing principles
    *Exercise physiology
    *Training principles
2. Power Walking basics
3. Power Walking technique
4. Power Walking lesson techniques
    *How you can give various types of lessons
5. Warming-up & Cooling down
6. Bodyweight exercises
    *120 bodyweight example exercises