We at POWERWALKINGCLUB work with two levels of fitness…Beginner and intermediate/advanced.


Before starting ANY workout regime, yo should ALWAYS learn the proper form and technique. This reduces any risk of injury.

In these introductory lessons, we teach you the basics. Proper form is key, and we look at the path we wil walk, as well as dicuss and demonstrate the body weight exercises we use to ensure your safety and that you achive the ebst possible results. We slowly work you up to a minimum of 30 minutes of POWERWALKING without stopping. Once you achieve that goal, you are ready to move on to the more advanced level!

Fitness level varies per person, and some may be ready to move on more quickly than others. This is totally normal and expected!  We are all unique, and grow in strength at our own pace. We are here to support you and guide you no matter what your level!


Once here, our goal is to continually improve your fitness.We want to help you maintainyour desired goal weight and improve your stamina and strength! At this level, training is a bit more intensive as we add the strength training and body weight exercises for optimal fitness. 

At this level, we will be power walking for 60 minute intervals.  (Between 3.8 – 5.5 miles each time) We work on increasing our speed and our distance.

At both levels, we always begin with a warming up and end with a cool down, after which we encourage you to visit with your power walking pals!

When your body and brain are healthy, your self esteem, confidence, and happiness levels improve, too!

Our goal is for our teams to support each other and lift one other up!

We are in this together!

Become a Power Walking trainer and start your own Powerwalkingclub!

Become a Power Walking instructor and start your own Powerwalkingclub! Powerwalkinglub is expanding everywhere in the world and is instructing future Power Walking instructors. As an instructor you coach and inspire people towards a healthy lifestyle and you provide...

Powerwalkingclub & Decathlon collaboration!

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What is Power walking?

Power Walking is walking in a brisk pace. The muscle enhancing exercises that are done in between make sure you burn more fat and your body will tone.
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