Powerwalkingclub & Decathlon will collaborate to promote Powerwalking in the Netherlands!
Together a nice FREE Powerwalking introductory campaign has started up.
19 May we start in Decathlon Arnhem (Rijnhal) with an action “START TO POWERWALK”

For 6 weeks on Saturday from 10 am to 11 am FREE Powerwalking lessons.

May 19th, 26 May, June 2nd, June 9, June 16, June 23

The start and finish are weekly at Decathlon (Rijnhal) in Arnhem. Afterwards, Decathlon will provide a free drink for you.

Everyone is welcome so bring your friend, neighbor, sister, brother or colleague and start to powerwalk with Powerwalkingclub & Decathlon. ‘All it takes is a first step’

Register now via registration page, location Arnhem Decathlon action!


Powerwalkingclub new locations!

Yes, we are now active in 50 locations in Netherlands. We also started in Germany, Belgium, Zweden, Sint Maarten and Aruba.
Soon more Power Walking trainers and locations around the world will start.

Powerwalkingclub everywhere to help people for better health..

Look at our sign up page when and where the sessions take place. It is always possible to join our lessons once we have started! 

Sign up for an introduction lesson and experience a Powerwalkingclub training!