Power Walking regularly can…

* Improve sleep patterns
* Is suitable for all ages
* Is accessible
* Improve cardio vascular health
* Reduce risk of Osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, and many other health risks
* Help maintain a healthy body weight
* Improve stamina
* Strengthen muscles
* Reduce stress and tension
* Help with mental relaxation
* Burning calories
* Lower your blood pressure

Power walking is fun, sociable and very effective.

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Become a Power Walking trainer and start your own Powerwalkingclub!

Become a Power Walking instructor and start your own Powerwalkingclub! Powerwalkinglub is expanding everywhere in the world and is instructing future Power Walking instructors. As an instructor you coach and inspire people towards a healthy lifestyle and you provide...

Powerwalkingclub & Decathlon collaboration!

  Powerwalkingclub & Decathlon will collaborate to promote Powerwalking in the Netherlands!Together a nice FREE Powerwalking introductory campaign has started up.19 May we start in Decathlon Arnhem (Rijnhal) with an action "START TO POWERWALK" For 6 weeks on...

What is Power walking?

Power Walking is walking in a brisk pace. The muscle enhancing exercises that are done in between make sure you burn more fat and your body will tone.
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