Become a Power Walking instructor and start your own Powerwalkingclub!

Powerwalkinglub is expanding everywhere in the world and is instructing future Power Walking instructors.

As an instructor you coach and inspire people towards a healthy lifestyle and you provide an income for yourself. You do not pay any fees and there are no other costs, all the income you or we generate is for you!

Lessons can taken place in an outside area such as a nice park, from the city centre, from your personal training studio or fitness centre. The choice is yours!

Do you find Power Walking interesting? Does teaching sound like a new challenge for you? Are you enterprising? Ambitious? Cannot wait to get started and no time for beginners mistakes? Do you have affinity with sports and you want to help build the biggest trend of this decade?

The Powerwalkingclub work plan and online-educationplan has been developed for you so that you can get started right away.


* Power Walking technique
* Intake method
* Warming-up, Core (power walking lesson), Cooling-down
* Anatomy
* Exercise physiology
* Training principles

At the end of our course you will be able to independently teach varied lessons.

* By working together with Powerwalkingclub you reach a bigger target group.

* Your group and lesson will be posted on our website! This means more potential customers.

* All applications for Power Walk training will go through our website and are automatically send to your private email address.

* Website Powerwalkingclub is always in first place with google search results (better chances for applications)

* Regional protection and warranty. You will not compete with another Power Walking trainer at your location or region

* Promotional material such as flyer and poster

Unlimited use of Powerwalkingclub Academy (This is an online program that shares all knowledge for the Power Walking trainers) There are no additional charges.

* Number of exercises as visual material (workout video which can be used to prepare lessons for your Power Walking lessons)

* Online promotion right from the start so you will have sufficient participants and be successful

* Online promotion on social media. This is on our account and reaches an average of 15,000 people in your region.

* We teach you the right marketing strategies which you can use to attract more customers.

* Follow up days are organized for exchanging ideas, sparring and implementing new developments. (no extra costs are incurred and organized at least once a year)

* You will always have the support from the organisation who will help you with your questions and with expanding your group/region.

* You will grow with the organisation and so will your number of customers.

No contract or fee costs, any revenue generated by you or us regarding your training will go to you

* Powerwalkingclub is a protected product and brand that has been officially registered and registered at BBIE

The online course is available for every country. Online Course is in English. (Soon there will be more languages available)
* Costs are 175€ per person ( including VAT)
* You will pay no other fees or other costs, we have no contract and all generated income will go to you!
* More instructors in one town is possible ( depending on the size of the town)

Contact us for more information via email or call us at Powerwalkingclub
Please include your phone number in your email so we can contact you.

mail: info@powerwalkingclub.nl
tel: 0624663989