Power Walking for better health, stamina and weight loss

Power Walking for better health, stamina and weight loss

Power Walking for better health, stamina and weight loss


Would you like to lose weight and have fun at the same time, become more fit and energetic, boost your self confidence, and take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle?

Then POWERWALKINGCLUB is perfect for you! We crest small families and teams of Power Walkers who are taking that first step to better health! Sign up for a class, NOW!

It is a fun and save way to improve your health and fitness level, making it easier to stick to it and follow through with a steady work out regime!

Not everyone can be a runner or intense athlete, but Power Walking is for everyone!

It is a very safe and effective form of cardiovascular exercise! Wether your goal is to lose weight, gain stamina, strengthen your heart, or simply meet new people who are health conscious, too, Powerwalkingclub can help in all of these areas!

Make the decision to get healthier and stronger today!

Join us! All it takes is that first step!

New Locations 

Yes, we are now active in 37 locations in Netherlands. We also started in Germany, Sweden, Sint Maarten and Aruba.
Soon America & UK and more locations around the world will start.

Powerwalkingclub everywhere to help people for better health..

All it takes is a first step!!

Become a Power Walking instructor and start your own Powerwalkingclub!

Powerwalkingclub is expanding throughout the world and will train new Power Walking instructors. As an instructor you will coach and inspire people towards a healthy lifestyle and earn an income as well.

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What is Power walking?

Power Walking is walking in a brisk pace. The muscle enhancing exercises that are done in between make sure you burn more fat and your body will tone.
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